Enterprise build

Strategy & design

We assist you in developing a company-specific eCommerce strategy and roadmap. Business requirements and opportunities specific to your model, your business, and your team will be accommodated


Performance of shopping carts that is fast and secure. With us, you are assured of a safer and more reliable eCommerce platform than anywhere else. Bespoke solutions ensure that your company gets the best-in-class solutions with customized workflows.

Managed services

Our team builds high-performance, resilient cloud infrastructure. Focus on agility, fault tolerance, and security. We use our automated and manual processes to protect your application and infrastructure from breaches and attacks.

Why do clients choose Dicofy enterprise development?

We help people build online stores so that they won’t be obliterated by their competitors.
Others are hindered by their online store.

Others require a specific solution – a marketplace, a booking site, or customization – to grow their business and become more profitable.

We are chosen by our customers for a variety of reasons. In spite of this, clients STAY with us because we build great, profitable WooCommerce sites, along with providing a convenient shopping experience.

Our Build Verticals

New WooCommerce site builds

Is your business losing money because you aren’t selling online? Do you have an existing online store that just can’t scale? Thousands of WooCommerce sites have been built by us over the past decade. Choosing the right online store for your business is crucial to thriving online.

WooCommerce customization

Imagine you have an online store, but it’s not doing everything you need. We can assist you. Don’t limit your dreams. Let us help you create the online store of your dreams.

Subscription sites

Build your subscription site without having to struggle through the build process as well. Invest your time in creating a product that people can’t resist while we focus on building a seamless, profitable recurring payment site.

Multi-vendor sites

The marketplace should be as robust and unique as your customers expect, regardless of whether you have an established community or are diversifying your product line. The right kind of attention will make you stand out.

Booking sites

The days of losing business during off hours are long gone. Payments can be received immediately online and bookings can be managed easily. So people can book and pay even when you’re fast asleep, we will outfit your website with booking functionality and customizations.

WooCommerce migrations

Migrating a site to WooCommerce can fix a lot of problems, but only if it’s done correctly. Otherwise, you may end up losing data and experiencing disruptions. To help you crush your business even further, we’ll move you over smoothly and securely.

Let’s grow your ecommerce business

We get results for Woocommerce businesses, and we’d love to help you.